Topaz: Makeup Air Unit – Low Carbon Heating Systems

The Topaz 100% Makeup Air Unit is designed to give over 110% of the heat exhausted. It not only has a heat recovery exchanger but it also has a built-in heat pump.

Ceiling Mounted
With only ducting, power and drain to connect
Side-view of Topaz Makeup Air Unit
Large access panels for service

The built-in heat pump utilizes the exhaust air after the heat recovery exchanger as the source. By doing this, the source temperature will be substantially higher than the ambient conditions. This in turn maximizes the capacity and COP of the system.

For decarbonization projects the Topaz Makeup Air Unit does not rely on gas or oil as a source of the receipt. Paragraph

By having the heat pump system built into the Topaz Makeup Air Unit directly there is no need for external refrigeration piping or glycol piping in case of outside boilers or chillers. This will greatly reduce the installation cost of the units.

Internal components view of Topaz Makeup Air Unit
No sizing of components
No REF connections
No gas connections

The Topaz Unit provides both heating and cooling loads. In cooling mode the supply air is pre-cooled by the heat recovery exchanger. The heat pump in cooling mode then uses the exhaust air for the condenser which is lower than the ambient temperature. This results in an increased EER for the unit.

A number of control strategies can be utilized with the Topaz Makeup Air Unit. The simpler control strategy is a simple on/off switch by the user or a motion sensor mounted in a meeting room or classroom environment, for instance.

The controls can also be set up to utilize CO2 monitoring indoor and ambient levels to work out the variance and then modulate the makeup air unit as needed.

The controller can be further enhanced by using a day and night cycle, as well as weekend set ups.

The system can also be hooked up to a BMS system via BACnet or Modbus communication.

The unit is designed with EC blowers so the airflow can be varied. This makes it easier for the installation team to balance the air flows. Alternatively, the blowers can be offset to generate a positive pressurize system.

Model   MHP02 MHP05 MHP11 MHP20 MHP35
Air Flow CFM 250 500 1100 2000 3200
Min Air Flow 360 290 650 1100 1800
Total Heat Capacity MBH 16.4 30.4 66.5 122.6 177.6
Total Cooling Capacity MBH 11.2 20.4 43.8 79.4 125.6
Extra Heat MBH 4.3 6.3 13.1 24.3 24.2
Extra Cooling MBH 2.3 4.5 10.4 16.0 28.0
Heat Recovery eff % 48.6 51.4 53.2 53.7 53.9
External static – Supply In wc 1.15 1.02 1.02 0.92 1.18
External static – Exhaust In wc 1.02 0.99 0.98 0.93 1.17
Power Source MHP04 MHP05 MHP08 MHP12 MHP20
Dimensions MHP02 MHP05 MHP11 MHP20 MHP35
Length In 34.1 38.0 43.9 49.8 55.7
Width In 46.9 50.8 56.7 62.6 68.5
Height in 12.7 16.6 22.5 28.4 34.3
Summer Conditions
   95°F / 50% RH
   80°F / 50% RH
Winter Conditions
   20°F / 80% RH
   68°F / 50% RH