Trent Chiller

The Trent Chiller is a compact package chiller with many built-in features only found in larger capacity chillers.

The design is a self-contained single circuit two-stage capacity with head pressure control. Effective system control for both high temperature summer conditions and low temperature winter days.

The unit is built complete with centrifugal circulating pump with built-in flow switch and check valve.

Installation is simple, just hook up the power and piping, then start up the unit. All Chillers are tested run before leaving the factory.

2 to 4 Ton Chiller

Glycol system providing steady cooling year round, even on the coldest days

2 stage Capacity systems

Unit comes complete with:

  • 2 stage scroll compressor

  • Variable speed fan motor

  • Swept blade fan design (low noise)

  • Head pressure control valve

  • 7 mm tube and fin condenser coils

  • Brazed plate heat exchanger

  • Circulation pump

  • Receiver

  • Suction accumulator

  • Pre-programmed controller

  • Anti-cycling timer

  • Freeze stat

  • System power monitoring

  • Hydrophobic coil coating

  • Schrader service ports

  • High and low pressure switches

5 to 8.5 Ton Chiller

Voltages Available
208-230 / 1 / 60
208-230 / 3 / 60
        460 / 3 / 60
        575 / 3 / 60

Head Pressure Control

High/Med Amb temp

Fan speed control
Low Amb temp 

Valve control
Fan turned off

Hydrophobic Coating 
Effectively inhibits dust & bacterial accumulation
For ocean and other harsh environments


The Chiller can be placed in a modular sequence to give higher loads and redundancy (N+1).

Since the individual chillers come complete with pump, check valve and flow switch, they are inherently a variable flow system without having to use VSD controllers.

A master controller is used to stage the individual chillers to match the load requirement.