The flexible design of the Trent, Rawson and the Lambert Chiller lines will suit the particular application you need. 

Control points from -20°F to 85°F with narrow dead band. Controlling systems with very precise temperature and RH operating envelopes.

Redundancy in design with modular design. Allowing for N+1 and N+2. Large turn down ratios for tight control no mater what the percentage load conditions.

Heat recovery operations designed for up to 160°F supply temperature.

High and low ambient design conditions. From -40°F to +120°F. 

Further it has variable condenser fan speed control to give energy saving of up to 50%.

Indoor Cultivation

Air compressors

Injection molding

Small data rooms

Motor control rooms

Food industry

Server closets

Cell phone tower


Board rooms



Training rooms

Robot welding


Spas/Indoor Pools

Industrial process

Clean rooms.