The Transom line of HVAC product are developed and built to simplify the application and installation to the various systems. With many built-in features such as the 2 stage compressor and modulating head pressure control it will settle in to do the job as needed. With features such as the built-in pump and flow switches installation cost is reduced for the chiller installation. Not only are they rich in features, they are compact and designed for serviceability. The Lambert Chillers which is front serviceable allows for installation of the units in very tight quarters. Installation is simple, just hook up the power and piping, then start up the unit. All Chillers are test run before leaving the factory.

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Fresh Air Make UP with heat recovery an built in heat pump. Five models available 450 to 2000 CFM. Ceiling mounted with all the components built in.Increased efficiency through the Heat Pump utilizing the exhaust air as the heat source.

Trent Chiller

TRENT Compact Chiller Unit: Air Cooled 2 Stage Capacity Control: Capacities From 2 To 8.5 Tons: Modulating Head Pressure Control. Centrifugal Pump and Flow Switch: Low Ambient Kit for Year-Round Use

Rawson Chiller

RAWSON Air Cooled Chiller: Air Cooled 2/4 Stage Capacity Control: Capacities From 10 to 32 Tons: Centrifugal Pump and Flow Switch: Low Ambient Kit for Year-Round Use: Modular Control For Up To 12 Units

Lambert Chiller

LAMBERT Water Cooled Chiller Water Cooled 2 stage capacity control Capacities from 20 to 80 tons Service while LIVE: Front serviceable Modular control up to 12 units

Trent Condensing Unit

TRENT AC Condensing Unit: Air Cooled: 2 Stage Capacity Control: Modulating Head Pressure Control: Low Ambient Temp Kit for year-round operation