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Year-Round AC

Complete system for year-round cooling loads.



TRENT Year-Round AC

The Year-Round AC unit is built on the same platform as hte chiller and is designed to provide an air conditioning cooling for the full year. Not just the summer season.


TRENT Chiller

The Trent Chiller is a compact package chiller with many built-in features only found in larger capacity chillers.

The design is a self-contained single circuit two-stage capacity with head pressure control. Effective system control for both high temperature summer conditions and low temperature winter days.

The unit is built complete with centrifugal circulating pump with built-in flow switch and check valve.

Installation is simple, just hook up the power and piping, then start up the unit. All Chillers are tested run before leaving the factory.

The head pressure is modulated to not only increase the energy efficiency but also increase the life of the compressor by operating it a more moderate operating range. At higher ambient temperatures the fan will speed up thereby reducing the discharge pressure. In shoulder seasons the fan will slow down to maintain a moderate discharge pressure. This will allow the compressor too run more efficiently. In addition it will reduce the fan motor power requirement. As well as reduce substantially any fan noise.

When colder ambient conditions, as well as winter, arrive the fan will shut off and the head pressure control will be controlled with a valve. This way the discharge pressure will be maintained high enough to allow the compressor to run properly, even on the coldest days. The Trent Year-Round AC unit is also equipped with a receiver, suction accumulator and crank case heater to allow for low temp operation.


General Applications

Heating and Cooling
Free Cooling and Ventilation
Hydronic and Pumping
Gas Compression

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